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  • We are excited that you are here and that you're interested in your ancestry! Native DNA is an ancestry DNA testing company resulting from well over a decade of extensive Genealogical DNA research. The majority of our population genetics knowledge results from the lengthy research required to construct our high power short tandem repeat (STR) genetic calculator which currently contains over 1200 populations from around the world. This population data stems from both peer reviewed academic journal articles as well as notes from federal agencies across the globe. We’ve also constructed a number of simulated populations as a result of our research, along with amplified populations (data which been statistically enhanced to better represent your ancestry) are sure to satisfy your desire to learn more about your family’s origin.


  • When I began studying the fascinating patterns involved in populating this planet, I never imagined the level of knowledge which would be required to satisfy personal questions concerning my ancestry. Humans, curious and persistent by nature, have never ceased in their quest to explore beyond the horizon. It is this insatiable drive that led American Indian forefathers out of Asia and into their new homeland, prompted the Romani people to set forth on their journey from India toward Europe, and gave Sub-Saharan Africans the longing to seek distant shores in the south Pacific - thousands of miles east of their genetic seedbed. We have such incredible stories hidden within the genetic code we call DNA. Could it be that your ancestors were a part of the exodus of Mayan Native Americans forced to flee their homeland due to the deforestation which rendered a lifestyle of the past impossible? No matter your roots, our ancestors have a unique story all their own! We have the scientific knowledge, investigative techniques, and population database to answer questions about your ancestry, many of which may be shrouded in mystery.  

    Humans, although more than 99% genetically similar on a cellular level, have such wonderful physical and cultural differences that make us strikingly different, yet the same. This is something that fascinates me more each day...

       We are always here to help!


            Chris Lisauckis (Owner / Operator)

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